Say goodbye to unwanted hair with permanent laser hair removal. With an 80-90% or better hair reduction rate, this treatment eradicates hair production in the target areas, making more uncomfortable techniques such as waxing and electrolysis a thing of the past. Relax and let Miami cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Brahmatewari make your unwanted hair disappear.


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Laser hair removal Miami, offered by our Miami cosmetic surgeon, can permanently remove unwanted hair from virtually any area of the body. While other hair removal methods such as electrolysis, waxing, and shaving can be tiresome and painful, laser hair removal targets the hair at the root, with the goal of permanent elimination.

Dr. Just Brahmatewari uses the Apogee Elite™ laser, which includes two types of lasers: Alexandrite for light skin and YAG for all skin types including dark skin. The gentle light from these lasers is absorbed by the hair follicle without touching or damaging the skin. After shaving the target area, Dr. Brahmatewari will use the hand-held laser to beam jets of light into the follicles, effectively vaporizing them and making it virtually impossible for them to ever grow back. Depending on the size and number of treatment areas, laser hair removal is typically performed in less than an hour at our Miami practice.


Patients can expect some temporary swelling and redness in the treated areas; however this can be controlled with skin creams, ice packs, or aloe gels. Normal daily routines can generally be resumed immediately after the procedure. Laser hair removal is most effective when performed as a series of treatments over the course of four to five months. Occasional touch-up sessions may be necessary to remove individual hairs that spring up. Laser hair removal typically results in at least an 80 to 90 percent reduction in hair growth.


Dr. Just Brahmatewari offers a number of non-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation treatments that can effectively reduce signs of age and make you look and feel more youthful and vibrant. Collagen, Restylane®, BOTOX® injections, and laser hair removal at our Miami practice are all performed with the experience, skill, and compassion Dr. Brahmatewari is known for. For more information, please contact The Cosmedic Centre today to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members.