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What is Mole Removal?

A mole is a common skin growth typically characterized by a raised bump that can vary in color, often appearing as light or dark brown. These growths form due to an overgrowth of skin cells, leading to a heightened pigment concentration and elevation on the skin’s surface. Moles originate from clusters of skin cells known as melanocytes, responsible for producing melanin, the pigment responsible for skin coloration. When melanin gathers in specific areas, it leads to the formation of moles. These skin growths are typically non-cancerous, displaying variations in size, shape, and color. They can either protrude from or lie flat on the skin’s surface, appearing anywhere on the body. While moles are generally harmless, it is advisable to have them regularly examined by a Miami dermatologist near you for precautionary purposes.

Mole removal may become necessary for various reasons. Regardless of the cause, it is crucial to entrust this procedure to an experienced physician to ensure a comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing outcome. The objective of surgical mole removal is to deliver satisfying results with meticulous removal and minimal scarring. The Cosmedic Centre in Miami, renowned for its expertise in medical and cosmetic procedures, offers proficient mole removal services using a range of methods tailored to the mole’s location, size, and purpose.

Mole removal encompasses the surgical process of eliminating moles, achieved either by shaving them off the skin’s surface or through surgical excision. The chosen method depends on the mole type and any associated health concerns. If you are searching for Miami mole removal near you, please contact us today at (305) 751-7771.

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Why Should Moles Be Removed?

Many patients who seek the services of a Miami plastic surgeon for mole removal are often referred by another physician due to concerns related to the mole’s size, shape, or color. In cases where moles may have precancerous potential, it is advisable to remove them and send them for pathological examination. Our proficient mole removal specialists prioritize the meticulous removal of both the mole and, when required, some surrounding tissue, to minimize scarring.

Other patients opt for mole removal primarily for cosmetic reasons. Whether dissatisfied with the mole’s appearance or its location, individuals seek Miami mole removal to enhance their skin’s aesthetics and boost their self-confidence. When dealing with facial mole removal, we exercise particular care, removing only the necessary tissue to achieve a favorable cosmetic outcome. Before scheduling a Miami mole removal procedure near you, the physician conducts a thorough review of your concerns, objectives, and medical history, ensuring a seamless procedure that leads to complete satisfaction.

While the majority of moles are harmless and do not present any health risks, there are cases where some may be cancerous or have the potential to become cancerous. When undergoing mole removal, it is advisable to have them examined to determine the presence of cancer cells. If indeed cancerous, the moles are removed to eliminate the cancer cells.

How are Moles Removed?

mole removal Miami punch mole removal

Mole removals are common procedures and can be done to remove an unwanted mole for cosmetic reasons or to prevent a mole from developing into a more severe skin disease such as cancer. There are several ways to remove a mole, including:

Scalpel removal: We will use a scalpel to cut away the mole and surrounding tissue and stitch you up, but you may be left with a small scar depending on the size of the mole.

Punch biopsy: This procedure uses a specialized punch tool that is placed over the mole and is used to essentially ‘punch’ out the mole and surrounding area, removing it completely.

Shave biopsy: This procedure uses a razor blade to shave the mole from the skin as well as the surrounding area.

Whether your reason for coming in is for cosmetic or preventative purposes, we first recommend to do a biopsy on the mole to ensure the mole has not developed into a melanoma. Biopsies are performed in our office then sent to a specialist or lab for testing. Sometimes, biopsies can result in the entire mole being removed.

Each of these mole removal methods is quick, and we will use local anesthesia to dull any pain. In getting a mole removed, the only negative effect is having the potential of slight scarring once healed. These procedures are a bit different than skin tag removal.

Miami Punch Mole Removal Near You

Punch biopsy, similar to full excision, completely removes the mole, potentially leaving a small or no scar. However, it is suitable only for relatively small moles.

You may be wondering, “What is punch mole removal?” Punch mole removal is a minimally invasive plastic surgery procedure designed to remove moles that are located deeper within the skin by using a tool to place over the mole and “punch” out the mole. This procedure utilizes a specialized circular punch blade that can reach into the subcutaneous layer, ensuring effective and complete removal of moles or birthmarks. Punch excision is typically suitable for pigmented birthmarks or certain skin lesions. Local anesthesia is applied around the mole, just like in a standard excision. Nevertheless, punch excision is less invasive. It involves the use of a specialized tool to extract the targeted portion of skin from the area of interest. Due to the small diameter of the excised area, stitches are often unnecessary. Following punch excision, the skin may appear as though it has been punctured by a sharp object. All skin lesions need to undergo evaluation by a dermatologist before removal for cosmetic purposes. Punch biopsies are frequently employed in dermatology to assess the possibility of skin cancers.

Recovery After Miami Mole Removal

Mole removal is a relatively straightforward procedure performed during an in-office visit to our Miami office near you. Dr. Just Brahmatewari will typically begin by numbing the area of your skin and then carefully excising the mole. While you may experience some mild discomfort during or after the procedure, the surgery is generally swift and uncomplicated. The primary concern following mole removal surgery is the risk of infection, so it’s essential to discuss preventive measures with your dermatologist.

Upon completion of the procedure, the mole removal specialist offers comprehensive and clear instructions for post-mole removal care. The treated area is carefully bandaged and should be maintained in a clean condition during the healing process. In some cases, prescription antibiotics or scar cream may be recommended to promote wound health and minimize scarring. If the mole was excised with stitches, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled to remove the stitches. The doctor will also monitor the healing progress and offer home care recommendations to help reduce scarring.

In instances where the mole removal was prompted by concerns, the excised mole is sent to an independent pathology lab for examination. Once the pathology results become available, they are shared with the patient, and the doctor will discuss any further treatment options that may be necessary.

Your skin’s response to mole removal surgery is akin to the healing process when you sustain a minor skin injury. Typically, the wound heals within two weeks, and it may result in a minor, inconspicuous scar that gradually fades over time. Patients can expect to be contacted by a physician or a staff member once the results are available to inform them whether the mole showed any signs of being precancerous.

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mole removal Miami punch mole removal

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